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Asian Woman Fantasy

Why are European men so attracted to Asian women? Perhaps because she will always remain a mysterious woman who we will never be able to fully understand. Asian women are also more reserved and discreet. The erotic imagination of young men in the West has been modeled by mangas that feature highly sexual and submissive Asian women. The body of Chinese women is also different from those of European women : they are smaller, almost fragile, and their silhouettes are leaner in general than those of their western counterparts. All these differences make Chinese women very attractive to Westerners.

Chinese Women

Many Western men are attracted to Chinese women or women with other Asian origins. According to them, the Chinese woman is feminine, pays attention to her appearance, and is very open to meetings with European men. A real housewife, she is an excellent cook, but her strong character makes her the true head of the household! Fortunately for the man, she knows how to be forgiven in bed, because she is as unrelenting in the bedroom as she is calm in public.

What Chinese Women Want

Asian culture is very different from European culture and Chinese women have very different criteria from Western women. They judge a man on very objective and not very sentimental criteria: his job, his level of education, and his salary. He must also be a respectable person who will not disgrace the family, and they hate short-term relationships that lead to nothing.

Dating Websites to Meet Chinese Women

For a man attracted to Asian women, the Internet is an excellent way to meet Chinese women. Women registered on these sites try to meet people, and they are very active on the web. A good-looking Western man registered on ChinaLoveCupid, for example, will receive messages from his Asian admirers. In Asia, women use the Internet to meet husbands, without any shame. As Mao Tsé Tung said, “It matters little whether the cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice.”

Dating a Chinese Woman

In order to avoid mistakes, here are some tips if you have a romantic relationship with a Chinese woman. Always maintain a proper appearance and do not be neglectful: Asian women pay great attention to hygiene, and Europeans have stronger smells than Asians. It is important to always be on time because tardiness is considered a serious form of disrespect. Very traditional Chinese women appreciate small gifts like classic bouquets of flowers. Asian women hate liars, and they also fear to be used only for sex by men who are not serious.